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Vpn Review: Waselpro Is an international vpn service Created by Arab people. therefor Waselpro is very popular among people from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and all other Gulf Countries in the world. The strong vpn network delivers both, PPTP, L2tp, Ipsec and SSL vpn, they launched the first unbreakable Android app in the Google android store just 2 months ago!
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Ofcourse you should be worried about online information and data theft or people who want to get access your stream of data. Maybe you did not mention, but since all our devices automatically connected to tons of different Networks and Wi-Fi hotspots, while moving around. You should understand that this kind of Crime can happen without even using your laptop, tablets, smartphones and other devices at all.


VPN Is the ultimate solution, when using a good Virtual private network you can ensure no data can ever get stolen. It’s there for a safe border which will encrypt all your internet data. Also all sensitive information like Passwords & credit card information can never leak out. Even within the use of a vpn there are several security layers. On Internetwasel you will get to know all ins and out around this protocols. There is one thing we want to share already. Keep in mind the Brand Waselpro! This is going to be the cure for your internet safety issues! Later on we are going to show you why.

The Vpn security layers can also be called the level of encryption. In easy words the higher encrypted the better protected. If you look into the VPN market, the better protection has a higher price. This is absolutely ridiculous. Only at Waselpro all different layers can be used for exactly the same price & even for free thru the daily free trial! We do not want to lie, but try them out! It’s worth it.

Security layer 1:

PPTP is a protocol used for most regular internet and mobile device users. It will encrypt all data up too 256bit. This protocol is offered by nearly all VPN providers out there, even the worst.

IPsec, This Internet security protocol has a higher encryption level and is mostly used for people with sensitive internet data, just most business men and people who run companies and therefor have to travel around between countries a lot.

L2TP: If you need one of the best internet security layers and do not want to lose speed, this is the type you will need, on Waselpro it will even increase your speed rate, by the use of compression and decompression of the data.

SSL VPN: If you need the best kind of security SSL gives you the best solution. With a kickass +2000 bit encryption it’s on a data encryption level which NASA or the FBI will use for daily use.

Vpn is also very useful to get a new fresh ip. You select the vpn server, which are located in many different countries. If you are connected, the service you want to use will recognize you as a citizen of the country where the vpn server is located. There is no way any of your own information will leak out. This can unblock social media like Facebook, twitter in some countries, or enable VoIP services like Skype, Viber, Tango. Make you able to access youtube, Netlog, and video sharing services like iPlayer.

As stated above, we do recommend you to try WaselPro VPN. It’s a stable and very trustworthy VPN provider out there, with not just bulk vpn servers around the globe, they use only strong vpn servers in premium datacenters around the globe.

The WaselPro software comes in different editions, special designed for the operating system of your choice. Windows, Mac, Android or for your Iphone. You name it and those guys will deliver! If you have a question, you can either ask us, or visit their website and enter the live support chat.

VPN service software supports Windows XP,Vista,7,8.